We all love being on the water. The cool breeze blowing across the bow; with the smell of the sea. Family and friends sharing a day, or even a camping trip. Hours of sun and swimming, only to be matched with an amazingly clean smelling vessel. We all know that owning any vessel comes with lots of upkeep. The musty smells that build in the cabin, can not only ruin the boat trip; but can make you feel sick. Why not let D’Pure Air Excellence, take care of this for you? Our innovative technology, that removes those annoying musty odors. How do we do that you ask? The compact 6.75 inch cubed Purifier, positively charges Ions; creating a multi-cluster, that attracts mold and odors and destroys them. Not only does the Air Excellence Kill Mold and remove odors; it kill viruses, bacteria, VOCS and M-VOCS. Equipped with an away mode, in addition to this amazing multi-functional air purifier; that runs for 2 hours, of ozone to treat even the most offensive odors. Covering 1500 SF, you can uses it anywhere. Don’t spend hours trying to keep your boat smelling great only to fail. Let Air Excellence take care of your vessel! #boat #yacht #moldysmells #Boatsmell #Viruses #Bacteria #cleanboat #boatcleaner #boatpurifier #yachtpurifier #purifier #killsviruses #killsmold #mold #marineparts #whydoesmyboatsmell #howcaniremovesmells

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